Wireless shades

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Serena cellular shades offer incredible value at an affordable price, backed by the quality of the Lutron brand. These shades feature Triathlon™ power technology, which provides a 3-year battery life. So your shades will work for years before you’ll need to replace the batteries. And because they operate via a remote, you can adjust them from anywhere in the room. We offer two types of remotes for controlling Serena shades: an infrared and a radio frequency remote. Learn about the differences between them below.

Light-Filtering – Single-Cell
  • Transform harsh daylight into a soft, filtered glow
  • Provide varying levels of privacy from the outside
  • Save energy with insulating fabric and design

Light-Filtering – Double-Cell

  • Allow some light to filter into the space
  • Save even more energy with double-cell insulating design

Room-Darkening – Single-Cell

  • Block light from entering into a space
  • Create complete privacy from the outside
  • Save the most energy due to aluminum lining





Add Convenience
  • A single press of a button from a remote control can set multiple shades in motion, making it convenient to open and close hard-to-reach window treatments, all while reducing glare and increasing privacy

Enhance Your Décor
  • Distinguished cellular design, offered in a wide range of styles, give your room a crisp, clean look that is sure to enhance any décor
  • Cord-free operation makes this a safe solution for homes with young children

Save Energy
  • Innovative air pockets trap heat to provide superior insulation for enhanced energy efficiency

Easily Install and Maintain
  • Unique patent-pending battery technology ensures long battery life for hassle-free maintenance
  • Exclusive Tap ‘n Tilt™ technology makes changing the batteries a breeze
    • Simply press the release buttons located above the shade headrail
    • The headrail will tilt forward, exposing the battery trays inside of it
  • Dust resistant fabric reduces cleaning

Please call us to schedule DEMO with fabric and color selection.