Crestron Prodigy

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Prodigy Home Control by CRESTRON

Prodigy opens the door for those who desire the enhanced lifestyle of whole-house automation. Powerful and affordable, there’s a Prodigy system for every home and budget. Enjoy the freedom to start small, grow with the latest new technology when you’re ready, and get the performance you need at a price you can afford.

Complete packaged system with PMC3 and PLX3. The PMC3_PAK is a complete Prodigy system with everything you need to control a home theater system. The package includes a PMC3 3-Series Media Controller, PLX3 Handheld Remote, power supply and five (5) IR emitters.



The perfect solution for transforming the iPad into a wall mount Prodigy touch screen. Pop it in and out, adjusting everything from music and movies to lights and climate, in any room of the home.

The new Prodigy Wireless Keypad is more powerful than ever. Control lights or audio while extending the range of every Prodigy wireless remote, touch panel, keypad, dimmer or switch in the system. New wireless connectivity communicates directly with any Prodigy media controller, eliminating the need for an external gateway.

Revolutionary DigitalMedia™ 8G technology makes its debut with Prodigy. Industry leading DM switching includes HDCP signal management, so a TV will never flash or flicker when a source is chosen. 1080p video with 7.1 audio is transmitted distances up to 330 feet over a single DM 8G shielded twisted pair cable. Now the benefits of video distribution are available for Prodigy—shared sources, hidden components, and no in-room clutter.







PRODIGY Home Control