central vaccum
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             Many people vacuum to clean a  carpet never giving much thought to their actions. But what if the same effort, or even less, you could improve the the overall health and quality of your living environment ?
Central vacuum system is more like a living environment cleaning system - improving the air quality, reducing the noise disturbance, minimizing the physicial effort, all while providing superior cleaning power for your floors and living space.


* Improved indoor air quality
* Relief for allergy suffers
Central Vacuums can reduce allergy    
symptoms by as much as 61%.
* Quiet - power unit is located away from 
  living area
* More power than portable vacuums
* Convenience with no heavy equipment
  to haul around and special features like
  built in dust pans.
The Electrolux Quiet Clean central vacuum systems provide excellent performance and quality from a leader in floorcare. Electrolux is the maker of both Eureka vacuums and BEAM brand central vacuums which began building central vacuum systems in 1957. The Electrolux Quiet Clean Model PU3650 is a new design of intelligent cleaning system for areas up to 7,000 square feet with a maximum 600 airwatts of cleaning power and is very similar in design and features with the BEAM IQS 3700A, Beam QS 375C & 325C models. The Electrolux Control System intelligent models provide valuable feedback on the front mounted liquid crystal display (LCD). The Electrolux LCD Control System information center provides real-time data that shows performance efficiency, when to check the collection receptacle and service notices. Electrolux power units feature an all steel body with anti-vibration steel mounting bracket, include components to upgrade to bagged collection, include a SOUND-OFF exhaust muffler.